The National Aggregates Association (NAA) and National Ready Mixed concrete association (NRMCA) conventions were held jointly in San Francisco. The four-day event was attended by more than 645 people. The joint opening session featured a message delivered by Edward D. Barlow Jr., president of Creating the Future Inc., titled "The Journey Toward the Next Millennium: Doing Business in the 1990's." At the welcoming reception, attendees met the new NAA and NRMCA president, Robert A. Gale. The NAA business session found Washington Post political columnist David Broder presenting "The Shape of American Politics for 1995 and Beyond," a penetrating look into global and American politics. The NRMCA business session welcomed keynote speaker Mel Chambers of City Concrete Products Inc., who discussed the benefits of Ready Mixed Concrete 2000. The keynote address was given by NAA/NRMCA president Robert A. Gale. At the NRMCA board meeting, a resolution was adopted to endorse, in principle, the vision and guiding principles of the RMC 2000 strategic plan. The NAA board meeting included the creation of a separate Directed Research Fund, an announcement that the Endowment Fund has exceeded $3 million, and announcement of the 3rd Annual Aggregate Symposium in Austin in March 1996.