At NRMCA’s recent convention, the following new officers were elected: Allen Hamblen of CalPortland Co. (chairman), Ted Chandler of Chandler Concrete Co. Inc. (vice chairman), and, Scott Parson of Staker Parson Companies (secretary/treasurer). Also elected were the new directors and state association executive director.

NRMCA is now accepting nominations for one director from a producer member company in good standing from states that have signed an NRMCA affiliate agreement. The Nominating Committee is asking you to submit recommendations for new NRMCA directors. Fill out the recommendation form, and submit it to Robert Garbini as soon as possible and no later than JULY 15, 2015.  NRMCA will obtain the necessary data directly from your candidate(s) without revealing who nominated him/her.

The Nominating Committee is charged by the NRMCA bylaws to nominate additional at-large director candidates to be elected to the board. All such nominees, if elected, are to serve three-year terms commencing the end of the annual convention in San Diego, Calif. in March, 2016.

Members of the Nominating Committee will review each candidate’s company size and region; as well as their participation in NRMCA committee work, CONCRETEPAC, the RMC Research Foundation, and their involvement at the state level. The Nominating Committee consists of the current chairman of the board, the immediate past chairman of the board, and past chairmen of the board for the previous seven years who are still in an active capacity in the industry. Any vacancies are filled by lot from eligible past chairmen still active in the industry or elected members of the executive committee.

As in most associations, the board formulates policies that govern the activities of NRMCA, in the best interest of its membership and the industry at large. Among other duties, directors represent the industry in their local areas; participate in board deliberations and promote the benefits of association membership. Board members must also attend (at their own expense) two board meetings per year, serve on NRMCA committees of their choice, attend and participate in the promotion programs in their region, participate in benchmarking surveys, support the CONCRETEPAC and the RMC Research Foundation, and actively recruit and help to retain members.