Silver Spring, MD – April 3, 2013 – The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has presented the following awards during its annual convention which was held last month in San Antonio, TX.

2013 Richard D. Gaynor Award – The 2013 Richard D. Gaynor was presented to Kenneth B. Rear. Mr. Rear retired from the Heidelberg Technology Center, a research and engineering support arm of the Lehigh Cement Company, in 2007. He has been in the industry since 1973 with the ready mix and concrete products industries. He worked with Grace Construction Products in Cambridge, MA, prior to joining Lehigh. Mr. Rear was a leader in progressing the NRMCA P2P initiative to evolve concrete specifications from prescription to performance. He emphasized that performance-based specifications will assure that the concrete industry adopts innovative technology and support sustainable development at a faster rate than in the past. He was instrumental in the publication of the ACI Innovative Task Group report ITG-8 on performance requirements for concrete materials and for the formation of ACI Committee 329 that is working on changing industry standards. Mr. Rear has also supported various other initiatives of the Research, Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee and been active in the standards committees of ACI and ASTM.

Richard D. Gaynor retired as executive vice president of NRMCA and the National Aggregates Association in 1996 after more than 40 years of service with the associations. His knowledge, experience and attention to detail on technical issues related to concrete was well recognized. In 1997, the NRMCA RES Committee established the Richard D. Gaynor Award in his honor.

2012 William B. Allen Award – Frank Craddock was the recipient the William B. Allen Award. He is executive vice president of CEMEX in Houston. Mr. Craddock has over 28 years of experience in the ready mixed concrete, cement and aggregate industries, most of them with CEMEX and its predecessor, Southdown. He has served on the NRMCA Board and Executive Committee for many years and led the association as the Chairman of the Board in 2008-2009. Mr. Craddock has been one of the leading proponents of the RMC Research & Education Foundation and Portland Cement Association’s efforts in developing the Concrete Sustainability Hub at MIT. He received a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and an MBA from the University of Central Florida.

The Allen award is named after one of the ready mixed concrete industry’s most distinguished and accomplished figures, Bill Allen, who had more than 55 years of concrete and aggregates-related experience and had long been involved with many NRMCA activities and events.

NRMCA Chairman’s Award – This award is given in appreciation of extraordinary dedication to NRMCA. This year, T. Michael Kaney was the recipient. Mr. Kaney began his concrete industry career in 1961 with Cone Brothers Contracting Company and Cone Ready Mix Concrete Company after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Over the course of his involvement with NRMCA, he served on virtually every committee and on the Board of Directors, culminating with his term as Chairman of the Board in 1995-1996. In addition, Mr. Kaney played a leadership role in several state associations, including the Florida Concrete & Products Association and the Concrete Institute of Florida. A particular passion of Mr. Kaney’s has always been quality within the concrete industry – from NRMCA’s Plant Certification Program to improving transportation construction through representation in the National Partnership for Highway Quality. He recognized early on the importance of incorporating quality-based certifications in specifications as a means of holding our industry to a higher standard.

National High School Essay Contest – This year’s winner of the National High School Essay Contest is Mikayla Clark of Louisville, TN, whose essay highlighted the sustainability of concrete as a construction material as well as the potential to use concrete to create structures and monuments that are works of art. As she pointed out, these attributes not only bring great benefit to our society today, but they allow us to leave a lasting story of our culture for future generations. Ms. Clark received a scholarship check in the amount of $2,000.

2013 Promoter of the Year – Jim Mack, director of market development for CEMEX, is the winner of the 2013 Promoter of the Year Award. With master’s degrees in both civil engineering and business administration, Mr. Mack works effectively with the technically proficient but also has the ability to convey complicated topics in simple terms to non-technical audiences. He has particularly distinguished himself in recent years as the chair of the industry technical group working with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub. His expertise in helping promoters and legislators alike understand the nuances of material-specific inflation rates and their impact on Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) in street and road construction budgets has influenced policy in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas and California. In California, Mr. Mack has provided critical insight to Caltrans LCA research taking place at the University of California Pavement Research Center. In Florida, he has been a valuable member of the Florida DOT Concrete Pavement Task Force since 2009, working to improve design procedures, address specification issues and introduce new pavement design options, including concrete overlays and roller compacted concrete for shoulders.

2013 Lifetime Achievement Award for Promotion – Mike Shydlowski is the winner of this award for 2013. Whether advancing the use of new concrete technologies or helping reshape the industry to function more professionally, Mr. Shydlowski’s career was dedicated to advancing concrete within the construction industry. Continuing through to his retirement in 2006 from BASF, no one has had more influence in the growth of both the substance and image of the ready mixed concrete industry. Mr. Shydlowski was a member of NRMCA’s Board of Directors and chairman of the NRMCA Materials Division. He received the RMC 2000 Visionary Leadership Award and was awarded the NRMCA Chairman’s Award for his dedication to NRMCA. He was also the founding chairman of the Strategic Development Council and served as a trustee and past vice chairman of the RMC Research & Education Foundation.

2012 State Association of the Year – The Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) was named is this year’s recipient. Highlights of CRMCA’s exemplary work in 2012 included the creation of a Regional Accounts Program similar to NRMCA’s National Accounts Program to develop relationships with companies based in the Carolinas that have statewide or regional exposure, while also coordinating with NRMCA in building relationships with National Accounts based in the Carolinas. CRMCA staff worked with state agencies such as the Division of Water Quality, which has resulted in a revision to the North Carolina Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual making permeable pavements, and pervious concrete in particular, a highly viable solution for stormwater management. CRMCA also developed the CRMCA Continuing Education Program (CEP), which is comprised of more than 20 courses developed by both NRMCA and CRMCA that provide technical information to the audience without a marketing feel. This program has reached more than 500 registrants in the past 18 months.