Following nearly a quarter century of success and measured growth the owners and management of Owell Precast have chosen Olympus Precast as the new name of their precast concrete manufacturing facility at 16120 South Pony Express Road, Bluffdale, Utah 84065.

Owner Bill Ashton commented, “The change of the corporate name is an exciting and important milestone in the history of our company, and just part of the company’s expanded corporate focus in response to market forces. I see the Olympus Precast name as a powerful catalyst for continued progress and growth.”

Inspired by the immovable Mount Olympus, the name reflects Olympus Precast’s bold commitment to quality, safety and integrity.

The company owners perceive the new name as only one of many positive changes. “We are thrilled with the talents and experience of the team of professionals Olympus Precast has in place. We are prepared to exceed customer expectations as we help define the future.” said owner Brent Baker.

The new corporate identity signifies a renewed assurance of unparalleled quality and service from this leader in innovative precast concrete products. Olympus Precast is now uniquely positioned to meet the specialized needs of the design and construction communities.

For additional information call Roger Arnell at 385-233-7685.