Early in 1994, at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's (NRMCA) business session at the Con-Agg show in Las Vegas, a presentation was made on RMC 2000 detailing the growth of the movement. There are currently more than 2,500 names on the RMC 2000 mailing list who receive the RMC 2000 newsletter. Thousands of others have attended RMC 2000 presentations at various industry meetings. There is presently a second draft of the strategic plan for RMC 2000 being circulated throughout the industry for comments. The current draft was presented at the Atlanta regional meeting and has been presented to various state associations. The response to date has been highly positive. Presently the guiding principles, goals, and vision of RMC 2000 have been formally endorsed by the NRMCA, PCA, ACE (Association of Aggregate and Concrete Executives), and about 30 state associations. From the beginning, RMC 2000 has maintained that it is a temporary organization. It has always been the plan that when the guiding principles, goals, strategic plan, and, ultimately, the vision of this grass-roots movement are internalized within the industry, the temporary organization would cease to exist. The success of RMC 2000 lies in the fact that it does not belong to any individual, group, or association. It is truly owned by all who participate in the industry.