To recruit more builders for concrete homes we must motivate them and address their concerns with recruitment events such as training seminars, demonstration homes, and home shows.Home builders and contractors are presently satisfied with the status quo.On the other hand, today's builders are faced with a highly competitive marketplace, shortages of skilled labor, poor quality of lumber, and price instability. They have little time to learn new technology. Builders would rather learn from the experience of other builders than pay for the time and effort of navigating their own learning curve. They need to develop a niche market to set themselves apart from and above their competitors. Homeowners will resist higher costs, particularly if this is their first home. Increased profit through added value may be the answer.As an industry, we must convert these challenges into opportunities by alleviating concerns about a new building method and by emphasizing the various benefits of a concrete home to builders and their customers: perceived higher quality, documented energy efficiency, increased resale value, documented sound reduction, improved comfort through reduced air infiltration, improved safety, and lower skilled-labor requirements. This article also includes a list of builder recruitment and educational resources.

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