In late October, more than 75 ready mixed concrete producers and suppliers met in Chicago for a Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) 2000 State Directors Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to share ideas, examples and success stories in order to aid in the continuation of the RMC 2000 implementation process. Topics included transforming their own companies, influencing other companies, state association involvement, and working with industry-affiliated associations. The discussions brought up four themes: Communication--it is essential to contact other associations, producers and suppliers to let them know what RMC 2000 is all about. Commitment--without perseverance and commitment to RMC 2000, the word will not get out. Leading by example--state directors realized the need to take the forefront in implementing programs for employee empowerment and to start company training programs for all employees, acquainting them with the total operation. Listening--listening to what other people are saying is essential. Feedback will indicate where RMC 2000 is and what steps are necessary to move it ahead.