The author reflects on the common problems associated with poor salesmanship to derive his list of "The Seven Deadly Sins of Selling." They include:

  1. Apathy or indifference. Doing brushes aside complacency. Taking charge brings instant relief from procrastination.
  2. Arrogance. Nothing will turn off the light of acceptance quicker than a cocky know-it-all. To avoid this sin of arrogance, work to radiate good manners. Treat every customer as a million-dollar account.
  3. Carelessness. Messiness, slipshod paperwork, and inattention are some of the synonyms for carelessness.
  4. Dishonesty. Trust cannot be absent. Being liked or loved, however, is not necessary.
  5. Greed. The sin of greed obscures the customer-selection process. Greed makes you want things, and that spurs you to ambitious overdrive.
  6. Ignorance. The most damaging ignorance is ignorance of the customers, their personalities, needs, and objectives. Ignorance is also destructive as it pertains to their differences, management styles, and financial and market goals.
  7. Laziness. The sin of laziness comes in many sizes and wears many labels. Laziness lurks in the bushes alongside our roads to success, ready to pounce when we drift from our course.