The TCP100 survey gives us a glimpse into producers' thoughts on important issues in the industry today. Here are some of their comments.

Q: Are you having difficulty filling jobs in your company?

In an interesting trend, more than twice as many large producers reported having "major" trouble filling jobs, compared to small producers. One small western producer responded, "We use every resource available to us to find qualified employees. We also train new and inexperienced personnel through various programs."

  • "It's hard finding good young people." Small producer in the Northeast
  • "Little difficulty, with the exception of truck mechanics."—Small Eastern producer
  • "Middle management positions are difficult to fill, and we have had major problems filling entry-level positions."—Large Southern producer
  • "Unskilled labor positions are hard to fill."—Large Midwestern producer
  • "Most of our production employees are Hispanic, hired through a 'labor finding service.'"—Large prestress producer in the South
  • "We've had moderate difficulty, but for union employers, the high wages & benefits attract very qualified & skilled workers, especially drivers."—Mid-sized Northern producer
  • "We mainly have trouble finding experienced drivers, but we train inexperienced drivers. It's a lot easier to recruit untrained people."—Large producer in the Midwest

Q: Do you anticipate changes in immigration policy will help or hurt your ability to recruit and hire new people to your company?

  • "Moderately; we need to re-think our immigration laws entirely."—Small Western producer
  • "They will call for complete strategic refocusing. Hopefully Congress will open a supply to eager trainable workforce."—Large Southeastern producer
  • "We expect major changes, if it becomes easier to employ non-citizens."—Large Midwest producer
  • "Changes in immigration policy will hurt our ability to attract qualified employees." —Large producer in the West

Q: Do you expect your business in 2007 will be more or less profitable than 2006?

  • "Less profitable, but it depends on duration of residential slowdown."—Large producer in the West
  • "More profitable; volumes will increase because of increased building in the public & private sectors."—Mid-sized Northeastern producer
  • "We made major infrastructure investments during 2006 that should generate additional profit in 2007."—Large Western producer
  • "More profitable; our commercial work is still going strong."—Small producer in the West
  • "About the same, because the residential market is slightly down, but commercial construction is up."—Small Southern producer

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