The DotGreen Community, Inc. announced a major event for the Internet, and for the green movement online! The governing body of the Internet will soon delegate new Top-Level Domains to take root in the Internet namespace, and launching .green as a new domain name extension to support social and environmental awareness online.

The next few months bring a number of exciting milestones in the evolution of the .green Top-Level Domain, including the publication of all new gTLD applicants during the month of May.

The DotGreen Community, Inc. just relaunched where you can find out more about .green domains coming in 2013 and our early partnerships.  We invite you to visit our website where you can learn more about the .green web extension, join the growing community, and download our electronic press kit to tell your readers about this exciting opportunity.

The electronic press kit includes:

  • Video
  • Logo
  • Company information, .green TLD details, and related Internet industry knowledge

The .green TLD is designed to generate an "income stream for green" through domain sales and may be the only environmental new Top Level Domain with an established Non-Profit for Public Benefit Charity, called The DotGreen Foundation, a U.S. 501 (c)3 Organization.  The DotGreen Foundation has partnered with EarthShare to deliver support to programs and projects aimed at sustainability in all regions of the world.

If you have questions or would like to request additional information please contact Jennifer Bullock. Interviews with Annalisa Roger, Founder/CEO, and Tim Switzer, COO/CFO, available upon request.