You'd be surprised to hear some of the most unusual stories of how concrete testing cylinders are mishandled on jobsites. Then again, maybe you wouldn't.

These stories include a new lab technician's squeezing some "green" cylinders into a wooden box for transport to the lab, laborers' scooping concrete from the truck washout area into testing molds, unusual objects in the specimens, and a laborers' chucking cylinders off of a multi-story building and into a pile of sand near a masonry mixer.

For years, people have used many different methods to make and handle cylinders other than those spelled out in ASTM C 31, "Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field." As producers, we should continue to strive to deliver a quality product and work very closely with our onsite testing professionals, be they ACI-certified technicians or jobsite superintendents trying to make their own cylinders.