We’re all aware of OSHA’s near-80% fine increase going into effect next week. But it’s not enough to just be aware. The increase for penalties can be crippling for small businesses.

There are a few steps that any company can take to avoid compliance slipups, and ensure costly and damaging fines are avoided. By following these three simple guidelines, decision makers and employees can keep their teams on course to OSHA compliance success.

  • Empower Employees: Develop a culture where employees are encouraged to speak up, without fear of retribution, about potential safety hazards and concerns.
  • Embrace Technology: Stay on top of current regulations and workplace inspections by leaning on mobile technology, which can help reduce the amount of dollars and time spent on outdated processes and inefficient paperwork.
  • Be Prepared: By developing a plan early, everyone, from management to employees, is prepared when the time comes for an inspection.
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