FallTech, a leading manufacturer of fall protection products built for workers who are exposed to falls from elevation, today announced the release of the TowerClimber Rope Positioning Lanyard.

The FallTech TowerClimber Rope Positioning Lanyard is a durable positioning device for a variety of locations where the worker needs to have their hands free and available to complete the job.

• Available in common lengths of 6.5’, 10’, 13’, 16.5’ to accommodate a wide range of structures.
• User-friendly connector options in forged steel and lightweight aluminum
• Aluminum auto-locking rope adjuster built for one handed length adjustment.
• All lanyards come with gear bag for easy storage when climbing

Built with a lightweight and ergonomic thumb-hold auto locking rope adjuster, kernmantle rope and abrasion resistant rope protector, the TowerClimber Rope Positioning Lanyard is available in multiple lengths for use in a wide range of climbing and positioning applications.


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