Improving your company's marketing efforts can be as simple as taking an objective look at your business for existing opportunities. With planning, these opportunities can be used to increase profitability and strengthen your company's position in the marketplace. By asking the right questions--and answering them objectively--you can develop a marketing plan that will take advantage of these opportunities. Then you can select those general strategies and specific tactics that will help you achieve your goals. An analysis of current customers and your relationships with them will likely reveal several marketing opportunities. Ask these questions: Do you follow up after completion of an order or service? Does your company make regular sales calls to existing customers to generate additional business? Do you schedule strategic lunches or dinners with key customers as well as referrers? Do you have another way--such as a newsletter or update--of keeping in touch with your client base? Your company's written materials may reveal areas that need to be strengthened. Does your logo/letterhead package convey the image you want it to convey? Is your brochure up-to-date, both in content and appearance? It is also wise to consider your memberships in trade organizations, and your efforts at public relations to improve your marketing.