Houston, TX - April 12, 2012 - U.S. Concrete, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement with Stego Industries, LLC to become its exclusive channel partner to market and sell Aridus® Rapid Drying Concrete, an innovative concrete solution designed to reduce the drying time and risks associated with excess moisture vapor emission in concrete slabs.

The agreement provides U.S. Concrete with a leading partner in the construction industry and creates significantly increased opportunities to reach the architectural and engineering communities and showcase the benefits of Aridus as a game-changing solution to concrete slab moisture problems. Stego has been at the forefront of research, design and development of moisture vapor barrier solutions for over 13 years and provides a well-established, nationwide network of experts to promote Aridus® technology.

"We are pleased to work collaboratively with Stego, and confident that this strategic partnership will provide the level of expertise needed to address the moisture related problems facing the construction design and engineering community today," said Wally Johnson, U.S. Concrete's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Matthew Blasdel, Stego Chief Operations Officer added, "We're looking forward to a successful partnership. We recognize the value of Aridus® as the first ready mix concrete solution to an industry-wide problem. Aridus® focuses on preventing moisture problems in concrete floors before they arise, and can provide significant benefits to the construction community."

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