The computer industry did not hesitate to reduce the market share of substitute products or eliminate them entirely, a valuable lesson for our industry when we compete with substitute products and try to win over both architects and new talent. We should depend on the computer industry to provide us with a business model, not just equipment.

Although similar to the concrete industry in some ways, the computer industry is often perceived as exciting, interesting, opportunistic, and a place where people can make a lot of money. It attracts many creative and innovative people. Meanwhile, anything related to construction ranks among the least-desired jobs for young people.

As a 28-year-old, I have found the concrete business to be exciting, interesting, and full of opportunities.

We should work to capture our share of the emerging workforce. If we don't, we will lose an incredible opportunity to pair a young, enthusiastic workforce with the older, experienced group that has gotten us this far. If we're not careful, our industry will be reinventing itself in 20 years while substitute products leap ahead.