High Concrete Structures of Denver, Pa., has now developed just the answer to wide-load hauling blues. Inventors Kenneth C. Baur of Mohnton, Pa., Kathleen M. Scholz of Shillington, Pa., William L. Whary of Mohnton, Pa., and Rand Henry of Nottingham, Pa., have developed the answer in a new "Loading Fixture." The group has actually received three patents over the past 3 years for development of this new hauling technique.

In essence, the invention allows the shipper to position wide concrete structures on a truck in such a way as to minimize the reach envelope, or what the inventors call the effective width of the product, by tilting the structures. The invention also provides tilts of 30 to 50 degrees from horizontal to accommodate most load parameters.

The invention has a series of locators that support the product during transport. The fixture also includes a rotating mechanism to further adjust the weight of large cargo, avoid binding, and help to focus the center of gravity of the cargo so that it can be rotated manually without heavy equipment.