NPCA and CPCI will collaborate across a number of important areas of common interests, including education, sustainability and marketing to the specifying community. CPCI will also be recognized as an ongoing endorsing partner of The Precast Show starting with The Precast Show 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio, and NPCA will be a sponsor of the CPCI AGM.

“We are delighted to have the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute joining us as part of The Precast Show,” said Ty Gable, President of the National Precast Concrete Association. “The networking opportunities this creates for U.S. and Canadian precasters are invaluable. The North American precast industry as a whole will be better off thanks to the collaboration of all the organizations involved in the show in 2017 and beyond.”

Under the agreement, both organizations are affiliate members of the other and members of each will benefit from the combined efforts and have access to courses and events at member pricing. In addition, CPCI intends to launch the NPCA Master Precaster program in Canada.

NPCA and CPCI’s partnership, in collaboration with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute, has already advanced the industry’s sustainability efforts with the development of product category rules (PCRs) and environmental product declarations (EPDs). The memorandum will aid in further collaboration.

"CPCI and our members have enjoyed and appreciated the various marketing and sustainability partnerships with NPCA over the last few years and with this MOC we are excited about formalizing this relationship and the possibilities to expand our collaborative efforts in the coming years ahead,” said Robert Burak, President of CPCI.