The last few years have seen a surge in popularity for podcasts. Whether you listen to them on your way to work, while you do chores around the house, or grocery shopping podcasts allow listeners to learn more about topics they’re interested in.

Acknowledging this trend, Nudura Corporation has launched a new podcast series about insulated concrete forms (ICF). This podcast series will be useful to insulated concrete form producers.

Each episode will focus on the benefits of ICF technology and how it is being used in the residential and construction industries. The podcast will be lead by technical services manger, Kevin Rector.

The podcast is targeted towards design professionals, producers, architects, homeowners, and contractors. In its first installment, the podcast focuses on the history and variety of uses for ICF, best practices, changes in code requirements over the years, and game changing moments in ICF history.

To download and listen to the first episode, click here.