In the 53rd Annual Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Design Awards, Oldcastle Precast's Perris, California Company's North Torrey Pines Road Bridge Project in Del Mar, California won the Design Award in the Best Rehabilitation Bridge category. 

The project was a 550-foot long bridge first built in 1933 that suffered from severe corrosion and required major repairs. For the preservation of the historic structure, a specialized rehabilitation strategy was developed that would allow for minimal visual changes but greatly improve seismic stability. The engineering firm for the project, Kleinfelder, chose  precast concrete system to meet these needs.

Jon Grafton explained the work that was done to the precast concrete bridge girders to ensure they would perform well in the aggressive marine environment as well as the design aspects. He also took pride in the company being awarded for their work on the bridge.

“Oldcastle Precast is proud to be recognized for this complex bridge project, which highlights precast concrete system adaptability. Our skilled staff is to be commended for their continued dedication to producing superior quality products," said Grafton. “The collaboration and innovation involved in the precast design development, engineering, production, and erection of the North Torrey Pines Road Bridge Project components was impressive, and we are proud to have been a part of the T. Y. Lin International Group, Flatiron Construction Corp, and Kleinfelder team.”