An Oldcastle Precast project, The Deep Creek Canyon Weekend Bridges Replacement by the Montana Department of Transportation continues to receive attention and recognition. Most recently it was named a top 10 finalist for two American Transportation Awards, “America’s Transportation Awards National Grand Prize” and the “People’s Choice Award.”

The project itself cost $2.75 million and required the reconstruction of three bridges made of deteriorating timber that were first built in the 1930s. The bridges used precast elements to ensure that it could be built during weekend closures and were constructed in less than 60 hours per bridge:

Oldcastle Precast was contracted by Dick Anderson Construction to design, engineer and manufacture fifteen precast concrete tri-deck bridge girders, six precast concrete grade beam abutments, and twelve precast concrete wingwalls at their Spokane, Washington plant. Each bridge containes five prestressed concrete tri-deck beams, two precast concrete grade beams, four precast concrete wingwalls, plant cast precast end diaphragms and curbs.

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