Oldcastle Precast was commissioned by Versar, Inc., Dover Air Force Base lead contractor, for the $98.3 million runway repair project at runway 01/19. For the project, Oldcastle supplied 600 custom-made precast concrete box culverts to rebuild the stormwater drainage system.

Before being replaced, the drainage system was aged, worn, and undersized. This resulted in storm water accumulation in and around the runway and entire airfield during large events. However, the new system is two large box culvert runs, each measuring 33-feet wide and over 2,500 feet in length; with the bottoms, over 20-feet below the surface runway. As such the new system is will capture and convey a greater volume of runway storm water runoff during large events.

The box culvert segments were designed, engineered, manufactured, and shipped by Oldcaste Precast of Telford, Pa. This was the largest stormwater drainage project this plant had done.

“Telford was uniquely qualified to deliver on a project of this scope,” Mike Grapsy, Regional General Manager for Oldcastle Precast.