FEBRUARY 2013: Vander, NC - Oldcastle Precast is proud to announce that their Vander, NC facility has been accident-free since 2007. Oldcastle Precast- Vander has achieved 5 years without a recordable accident. This ability to have zero reportable accidents on the OSHA 300 form is due to the strong commitment the Vander facility has to employee safety. From management to laborers, safety always comes first.

Over the last 5 years, with roughly 13 employees running the manufacturing operations, the company has worked over 100,000 man hours designing and manufacturing precast concrete pipe products. There are constant incentives for employees to use caution and avoid accidents. The employees constantly demonstrate their commitment to safety and continue to explore opportunities to improve the safety systems.

To celebrate, a luncheon was held on December 12, 2012 for all Oldcastle Precast-Vander employees where the outstanding efforts of managers and employees, who have implemented exemplary safety and health management practices, were recognized.

All who work at Oldcastle Precast are responsible for protecting the health and safety of our personnel, clients, and contractors and for protecting the environments in which we work. Our commitment to health, safety, and environmental performance is an integral part of our operations.