An online survey commissioned by Deb Group, conducted by Poll, of adults 18 and over who work outside at least half of the time found that 18% of workers always wear sunscreen at work. Additionally, 58% of these outdoor workers say they always or sometimes see a need for sunscreen at work with 71% claiming their employers do not provide sunscreen.

Deb Group campaigns to raise awareness for the risk associated with prolonged UV exposure to those who spend a significant amount of time outside as part of their job. The group provides educational information to help implement an effective sun safety program including Deb’s Manager's Guide – Be UV Aware: Protect Your Outdoor Workers. Isabelle Faivre, Vice President of Marketing, Deb North America, commented on the risks facing outdoor workers:

“Outdoor workers are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer and other ailments related to increased sun exposure. Organizations should educate outdoor workers on proper sun protection and provide sunscreen for use daily.”

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