International Truck has announced that certain models of their trucks now have access to over-the-air (OTA) programming for engine control modules (ECM) as a no charge offering. Also, they announced that all of their trucks with proprietary engines, 2010 and newer, can purchase OTA.

With OTA programming, drivers or fleet managers will be able to utilize a mobile interface to initiate reprogramming to approved International calibrations. Bill Kozek, Navistar president, Truck and Parts spoke on the benefits of OTA programming for trucks:

"Over-the-air reprogramming revolutionizes the way trucks are serviced and lays the groundwork for a future of connected vehicle services and the trucking community as a whole," added Kozek. "This two-way connected vehicle technology enables organizations to take communication a step further, allowing eligible users to pull the data from the truck, analyze the data, and communicate back to the vehicle."

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