The Florida Department of Corrections began an extensive building program to increase prison capacity. The program called for the erection of 45 buildings at various sites throughout the state by December 1995. Because it best met the program criteria, precast modular technology was chosen as the desired method of construction. The DOC presented a design specification that called for a precast building to be fully outfitted prior to delivery to the multiple project sites. The design included: precast cells with 63 net square feet constructed as quad-cell modules; fixtures and furnishings, including shower stalls and entry doors and mechanisms, to be factory installed; and plumbing and electrical conduits and in the vertical wall chases. A joint venture known as R.P.P.D. Cell Manufacturers was awarded the contract for 26 of the buildings. Comprising R.P.P.D. were precasters Rotondo Weirich Inc. and Dura-Stress Inc. and project manager and site supervisor Perry-Parrish Inc. R.P.P.D. created four molds, each measuring 30 feet long by 10 feet wide and weighing more than 30 tons, to create the quad-cell units. A fifth mold produced two cells, and four shower stalls with each pour. The total number of units produced amounted to 1,004, each weighing up to 82,000 pounds. Windows, doors and electrical and plumbing components were integrally cast in the multicell modules.