After running a successful program at Alcatraz Island, the Concrete Preservation Institute has now began a new program at Pear Harbor. Both programs repair deteriorated concrete in National Parks while training young adults for employment in the concrete industry. They are looking for additional funding and need the help of the concrete industry!

While the Alcatraz program continues to focus on military veterans and college students, CPI’s Pearl Harbor program is an official US Army Career Skill Program (the first authorized overseas). Active duty military personnel from any branch during their last 180 days of service can train with CPI experts at Pearl Harbor to prepare for jobs in the concrete industry while they transition to civilian life. The program provides military personnel the chance to learn hands-on for management or skilled-trade jobs in concrete and construction. This is a five-year restoration project coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

CPI director Tanya Komas says that the official launch of the program was May 25 at Pearl Harbor. “Project planning and site mobilization will continue for the next few months with the first team starting in September. Our launch coincides with the launch of voting for the PIP grant opportunity.”

CPI in partnership with the Pacific Historic Parks, the Pearl Harbor Valor in the Pacific (National Park Service) has been selected as one of 20 national parks to compete for $2 million in preservation funding. But they need help from the concrete industry to make this happen. The team is requesting $250,000 to help restore one of the historic Battleship Row Mooring Quays at Pearl Harbor. These are the last structures remaining from the attack on December 7, 1941. Without restoration, the quays will continue to deteriorate resulting in structural failure and the loss of this important piece of history.

The winners of the Partners in Preservation (PIP) grant will be determined solely by public voting online starting now through July 5. By voting daily, you can support the concrete industry and also be entered into a sweepstake for a chance to win a trip to Yellowstone National Park, courtesy of National Geographic.

Vote now and vote often! Go to to vote. It takes a couple of minutes to register but it will make a huge difference to the industry!

World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument Superintendent Jacqueline Ashwell said the monument is grateful to everyone who can take the time from their schedule each day to vote during the campaign. We are very excited about this potential grant to fund preservation efforts on Battleship Row,” Ashwell said. “It’s an opportunity for each of us to do one small thing that can collectively have a big impact in preserving this part of history.”

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For more information, contact Tanya Komas at 530-514-4341, More information can be found at WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument at and

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