Chemical admixtures are commonly used in concrete mixtures to improve the performance of the concrete. Admixtures can be used to enhance durability, sustainability, workability, and permeability. Students, craftsmen, inspectors, and contractors may find this updated resource a valuable introduction to a complex topic.

The document is available in pdf, ePub, and Kindle formats. It contains a brief introduction to the history of admixture use, discussion on effectiveness and compatibility of admixtures, descriptions of the different types of available admixtures, and suggested admixture sequencing. Chapters cover:

  • Air-entraining admixtures;
  • Water-reducing and set-controlling admixtures;
  • Specialty admixtures; and
  • Admixture dispensers.

This FREE document also includes typical dosage ranges, a list of admixture reference standards, an explanation of the mechanism of air-entrainment, and information on proper air-entrainment parameters. The uses of admixtures for dispersion of supplementary cementitious materials, to control alkali-silica reactivity, and in cold weather are presented. Additional FREE documents covering materials for concrete construction and repair application procedures can be found in the ACI bookstore, free downloads section of the website, or the Concrete Knowledge Center.