Designed to provide graduates with a broad array of initial opportunities within the concrete industry, the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program supplies the industry with future managers and leaders. CIM is a business intensive program providing solid management skills that are applicable in any industry, but developed specifically for the concrete industry.

As part of the professional development, CIM students must present reports of their internships and/or senior –level capstone courses. Their study topics range from applied material research, studies on improving contractor efficiency, and business plan development for new business activities.

To highlight CIM’s success in developing young industry professionals, World of Concrete established the Bob Weatherton Award. The award, along with a scholarship stipend, was presented to two students with outstanding papers and presentations. Criteria for the selection includes: practical application of the topic presented, including safety, productivity, and industry improvement.

Students from the CIM program universities – California State University – Chico, Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Texas State University presented their papers at the World of Concrete. The subject matter for these presentations was determined by the students with support from their faculty advisor.

2015 presentations included:

New Jersey Institute of Technology
David Williams: “Long Term Effects of Recycled Aggregate on Concrete Properties”
Mohamed Mohamed: “From Lines to Legendary, Newark College of Engineering’s Concrete Rook”
Michelle Ghanime: “Constructionarium, CIM Students on a Mission to Build an Oil Platform in England”
Walter Cevallos: “ A Concrete Mission at the Oldest Prison in USA, Alcatraz”

California State University – Chico
Jaymi Hill: “Identifying the U.S. Sports Venue/Stadium Marketplace”

Middle Tennessee State University:
Brad Brown: “What I Learned on My Internship”
Wesley Harris: “HCA Floor Moisture Mitigation Research”
Day Day Wells and Marna Shipp: “A Tale of Two Interns – Production and Construction”

Texas State University
Alex Burkhart: “Creating Mix designs with Foundry Sands”

The papers and presentations were judged by a panel of industry professionals. The 2015 winners included Jayme Hill, from California State University – Chico: “Identifying the U.S. Sports Venue/Stadium Marketplace, and Alex Burkhart, from Texas State University: “Creating Mix designs with Foundry Sands.”

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