China and the U.S. led the silica fume market in terms of consumption, while UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil are other key countries in this market. In 2014, the continually growing construction activities in the country led to the high consumption of silica fume in China, followed by the U.S. and UAE. The demand of silica fume is expected to increase in Asia-Pacific in the coming years, owing to urbanization, high investment in social infrastructures, and development of existing infrastructures.

Building construction is projected to be the largest and the fastest-growing end user segment of the silica fume market between 2015 and 2020. The building construction industry is expected to progress in the Middle East & Africa and North America. The increasing number of constructions of high-rise buildings has resulted in the rising consumption of silica fume, as adding silica fume to such structures makes them robust, durable, and less susceptible to damage. Silica fume is widely used in the construction industry, as it makes concrete corrosion- and sulphate-resistant and increases the strength of the concrete.

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