An investigation is ongoing and project managers have put in place contingency plans after a silo structure collapsed on one of the barge plants put in place for the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project. The collapse has forced the closure of two barge plants. Now, according to the Journal News, the biggest concern will be addressing increased truck noise on local roads.

... residents in Rockland are bracing for possible truck noise from the concrete deliveries. [Tappan Zee Constructors spokeswoman Carla Julian] said the trucks will use maintenance roads off the Thruway to bring the concrete to the Rockland trestle.

When the project's floating concrete plants were announced, leaders touted that having concrete made on the river would drastically cut the number of trucks on local roads.

Catherine McCue, president of the board of directors at Salisbury Point community in South Nyack, said the truck traffic will be the first real test for residents' new sound-reducing windows and doors, which the project team paid for.

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