For crane owners, having easily accessible, accurate and in-depth equipment information is essential for their success. Taking advantage of today’s latest digital technology, Terex Cranes introduces Cranes Expert , the lifting industry’s first electronic application designed specifically for crane companies. This latest Terex innovation delivers available equipment information in ways not possible with printed literature by giving customers unprecedented access to the company’s expansive range of media information.

Available for both iOS and Android operating systems, the new Cranes Expert app conveniently puts specific Terex crane model information at customer’s fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It brings together all available crane model marketing information –equipment brochures, datasheets, photography, 3-D panoramic views and videos – into one convenient location, so lifting equipment companies can make more informed buying decisions.

“Using the Cranes Expert App, customers can now see the full Terex story for themselves,” says Sven Ebinger, Director of Global Communication and Brand Management for Terex Cranes. “Our app goes well beyond the printed piece of literature. In one user-friendly program, customers now have access to our entire media library.”

“Terex Cranes has one of the industry’s most complete, accurate and user-friendly electronic media databases,” adds Ebinger. “Technology has made it possible for us to move well beyond the printed datasheet, making a broad range of information available digitally in ways not possible with paper. Customers can, for example, now see a Terex all terrain crane move from lift to lift within five hours rather than just reading about it, and they can take a virtual test ride in the Superlift 3800 crane with the cab panoramic versus simply looking at pictures.”

By offering quick, convenient access to the expansive crane equipment media library, Terex Cranes is helping customers to make more informed buying decisions. The Cranes Expert app is available for tablets from the iPad App Store and the Google Play Store. Once installed, customers can download the entire Terex crane equipment media library or just specific crane model information. Once downloaded, equipment information is quickly accessed anytime, day or night, with or without an internet connection.

When new crane information is added to the media library, the application will automatically sync with Terex Cranes servers when opened, so the new items are quickly available for download. A “push” notification system will proactively alert customers when updates are available.
“Cranes Expert is just one more example of how we are making Terex Cranes easier to do business with for the customer,” summarizes Ebinger.

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