StonemontQC integrates with concrete batching and dispatching software to allow for the seamless transfer of mix designs and batch results.

Simplify Concrete Mix and Sample Data Entry
The data entry form allows users to record batch information, standard plastic property tests associated with concrete mixes, and break information and results. The intuitive layout of the data-entry form allows for quick and efficient recording of batch information, break data, and other test results. Your technicians can be entering data within minutes.

Powerful and Quick Analysis
StonemontQC provides several different analysis tools all designed to provide you unique and detailed analysis of concrete mix results. These can be used to assess the performance of current results against historical data, and detect potential issues before they become customer problems.

Professional Reports are organized into the following sections:
• Aggregate Reports - Individual aggregate sample reports
• Asphalt Reports - Individual asphalt mix sample reports
• Concrete Reports - Individual concrete mix samples, concrete mix break results, and concrete batch information.
• Product Reports- Statistical summaries of one or multiple products at a selected plant.
• Plant Reports - Statistical summaries of multiple products at one or multiple plants including key performance indicator reports. Also contains plant note and tonnage reports.
• Customer Reports - Individual sample reports for which customer and job information have been assigned.
• Incident Reports - Individual and summary customer or internal incident reports.
• Setup Reports - Displays basic and detailed aggregate product setup information at a plant.

Leverage the Power of Integrated Applications
StonemontQC allows users to manage all aspects of concrete and aggregate product data. This integration is extremely important for vertically integrated companies that need real-time access to aggregate product information to create and/or adjust concrete mixes. Concrete mix component properties can be easily updated and pushed down to all mixes that use that component. Alternatively, concrete mix components can be quickly substituted in all appropriate mixes.

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