Many fleet managers, familiar with truck-tracking and other dispatching software programs designed to improve customer service levels, want timely information for maintenance purposes. With that in mind, wireless technology equipment manufacturers are turning their attention to fleet managers' needs. Developing a seamless real-time maintenance system is both technically and economically feasible. Data is communicated directly to a central collection point through a radio modem. Global positioning technology (GPS) enables fleet managers to monitor unit locations, speed, heading and time. Data loggers can collect operating information and download it at the end of a shift or on the run through a personal computer. Once the information is received at the fleet manager's computer, it can be used to monitor equipment units and operators, send alarms, and play back information at a later date. This combined data will become key to a company's preventive maintenance and total equipment management program. The success of this real-time monitoring and paperless maintenance depends on easy-to-use software and managers willing to make it work. Keywords: maintenance, track, GPS, wireless, communication