Fleet Management Solution
In the ready mix concrete industry, customers depend on getting the materials they need exactly when they need it. Since on-time delivery is critical, efficient fleet management is essential. To effectively manage supply and demand, dispatchers need to know not only the precise location of each vehicle, but also which stage of the delivery cycle each vehicle is in at all times.
Trimble TrimFleet Suite for Ready Mix trucks is a fleet management solution designed to help manage the product delivery cycle by automatically updating dispatchers on location and status information for each vehicle in real-time. Relying on manual updates can often result in less than accurate information, but with TrimFleet's automatic updates you receive the information you need to make intelligent business decisions that can decrease operational costs and increase fleet efficiency.
Applications within the TrimFleet Ready Mix Suite include:
• TrimView
Messaging, reporting and mapping that improves the business process
• TrimViewDB
Extended data storage that provides robust analytical reporting
• TrimExchange
Information integration with 3rd party ERP systems that enables business process automation
• TrimLink
Direct load registration from batch panel and bandwidth requirement reduction which increases software productivity

Get Real-Time Information on your Vehicles
Using in-vehicle hardware and sensors, TrimFleet TrimView provides real-time location and status information for every vehicle without the need for manual input. TrimView updates dispatchers on all standard stages in the delivery cycle. This data can then be translated to capture important information that can help your business determine efficiency gaps and cost-savings plans.

Select from the hardware below to create a fleet management solution that is right for you.
• In-Vehicle Telematics Device
Integrates a GPS receiver, wireless modem and Trimble firmware into a single low-profile enclosure that is securely mounted in each vehicle. Learn More
• In-Vehicle Display Terminal
Optional display inside the vehicle which provides ticket information and communication features, with the smart display option to add TrimFleet Communicator, Active Navigation and DriverID. Learn More
• Drum Rotation Sensor
Measures speed, direction and rotation count of the mixer drum. Learn More
• Wash-out Sensor
Detects when the washout hose is being used to wash the truck and confirms the end of pouring. Learn More
• Water-Add Meter
Measures the amount of water added before and during the pour to help validate quality of concrete. Learn More
• Hydraulic Pressure Sensor
Provides an automated record of the pressure produced by a concrete mixer’s hydraulic motor at the following delivery points: end load, first mix, depart plant, final mix, arrive job and begin pour. Designed to help manage quality of concrete, each pressure reading also captures time, location and drum RPM. Learn More


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