Our Technology offers numerous benefits by automating common operations using TRAC18 GPS software in concert with our RK3000, including interfaces with a variety of switches and sensors, and the ability to operate valves and relays remotely.


  • You just need Internet access and you’re up and running... INSTANTLY!
  • The only software you’ll ever need is a browser! That means you can have access to your Intranet Portal from anywhere, anytime, without any complicated installations.
  • Dispatchers will love the way they can now dispatch and control deliveries.
  • Management will be informed like never before and from anywhere in the world.
  • The ability to record and log all the activity of your fleet, to assure           accountability
  • The ability to streamline your deliveries
  • The tools to make your company more efficient and competitive
  • A vehicle to get a handle on your expenses, and increase your profitability
  • The tools to measure and improve your own productivity
  • Affordability, with an immediate return on your investment

Road King Technologies Inc

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