Mexican researcher José Carlos Rubio, Ph. D. created a light-emitting cement that has a life span of 100 years.

"Nine years ago, when I started the project, I realized there was nothing similar worldwide, and so I started to work on it. The main issue was that cement is an opaque body that doesn't allow the pass of light to its interior," said Dr. Rubio.

The researcher focused on modifying the micro-structure of the cement in order to eliminate crystals and make it completely gel, helping it to absorb solar energy and then return it to the environment as light.

What if buildings, roads, highways, and other structures made with this light-emitting cement could absorb solar energy and emit it during the night for around 12 hours?
Currently, this research is in its transfer and commercialization stage, its inclusion in plaster and other construction products is also being developed.

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