Here are mobile apps that are helping concrete producers transform their operations, from producing more accurate mixes to improving customer communications.

Extending Solutions through Mobility: Command Alkon MOBILEconnect suite
Command Alkon has introduced MOBILEconnect applications, with each focused on a specific need.

Making Drivers More Efficient from a Distance: NexTraq Connect and NexTraq Fleet Mobile
The web-based app provides a dashboard of fleet data, including vehicle locations, trip status, and fuel purchases. Managers use a web link to access real-time data from the field.

Creating Transparency and Trust: Truckast
Truckast provides real-time updates on each concrete delivery, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls between customers, dispatchers, and drivers.

Meeting Mix Designs Pays Off: Quadrel CLI and iQ with mGauge mobile app
Producers can see real-time plant performance in one work center, leading to improved product consistency.