Here is a preview of what is new in full-size pickup trucks from Dodge, Ford and GM. One feature that is common on 96 pickup trucks is an on-board diagnostic system that lets the driver know if anything is wrong with many of the systems on the truck. The 1996 GM pickup trucks, the Chevy C/K and GMC Sierra, offer a number of improved features, including a side-access panel on extended cab models and a standard 4.3-liter V-6 engine. Other more powerful engines are available, ranging from a 220 hp 5.0-liter V-8 to a 290 hp 7.4-liter V-8 as well as a 6.5-liter turbo-diesel V-8. Other features include: platinum-tipped spark plugs, automatic headlamps, an automatically adjusting rearview mirror with a built-in compass, height adjustable seat belts, and rear seat heat ducts. The 1996 Dodge Ram pickup comes with a wide range of engines, from a 3.9-liter V-6, to a 5.6-liter I-6 Cummins turbo-diesel, to an 8.0-liter V-10. A choice of three automatic and three manual transmissions is also available. Interior features include driver-side airbag, side guard door beams, and available four-wheel anti-lock brakes. The 1996 Ford F-Series pickups are the F-150, in Regular and Super Cab versions, and the F-250 heavy duty Crew and Super Cab models. Ford offers a new seat design with integral head support, a redesigned heating system, and Automatic Locking Restraint/Emergency Locking Restraint safety belts. A 4.2-liter V-6 is standard on the 1996 F-150, and an optional 4.6-liter Triton V-8 delivers 210 hp at 4400 rpm and the biggest V-8 payload available in the industry.