How do you deliver a targeted marketing message to a professional who starts before sunlight, finishes at dusk, and is never in one place for long? These hard-to-find contractors do the bulk of their work at jobsites visited by a concrete mixer at least once a day, so use of the mixer drum to advertise seems like a logical approach for contractor suppliers such as Dallas-based Darr Equipment.Through TAA Media, Hanson Materials agrees to display Darr Equipment's logo and phone number on a guaranteed number of its trucks. One benefit of the program is the contractual agreement specifying that trucks must be kept clean.

According to Clifford Hahne, president of Hanson South Central, Dallas, the clean-truck provision is a win-win deal. The producer can earn enough revenue from the lease of a small portion of the fleet to install and operate a new truck cleaning system.

Another recently developed opportunity to advertise is a nationwide service called 1-800-CONCRETE. Producers can subscribe to an Oak-Park, Mich.-based phone line switching service. They lease their area code for the purpose of having toll-free calls switched to directly to their dispatch for 3 months. When a contractor phones 1-800-CONCRETE, the service's computer identifies the incoming call's area code. The computer automatically forwards the call to the company's dispatching phone.

The article also includes information about increasing company goodwill through advertising nonprofit causes on truck drums, and a table showing the relatively low per-exposure cost of outdoor advertising.