Like every industry, concrete production will feel the effects of computer problems in the year 2000. In the 1960s, when disk space was a coveted commodity, computer programmers abbreviated the year entry by shaving off the first two digits. Once the calendar reaches 2000, the machines will interpret 2000 as 1900 or 1980. Despite a steep decline in the cost of memory, many hardware and software developers didn't abandon the custom of abbreviating the year until very recently. The result is that Y2K will impact both hardware and software, and compliance testing has revealed that even the newest computer products may also be in jeopardy because their design incorporated pre-Y2K programming. Y2K will affect various areas of concrete production: accounts receivable, dispatching, inventory control, quality control and batching. The time to address the problem is now. Included are a few simple tests to determine the degree to which your PC is Y2K-compliant.