Schwing Control Technology
Schwing Control Technology

Schwing America introduced today the company’s new mixer truck control system, Schwing Control Technology (SCT). The innovative control system for ready mix concrete mixer trucks offers cutting-edge features not previously available to concrete producers, including a load function, mix function and optional inclinometer.

Three key features of the patent-pending SCT system include:

Load function – This SCT functionality separates truck and drum RPM for better fuel
economy, lower overall RPM and therefore longer drum life. By sensing the beginning of
a batch plant load, the load function increases the drum RPM and truck engine speed
when needed.

Mix function – An electronic functionality that monitors the mixer’s load progress and
adjusts the drum RPM to a constant speed after 75 revolutions. The result is precise
drum speed calculation that provides more comprehensive information for drivers and
more usable payloads.

Optional inclinometer – A digital slump meter that works in tandem with drum angle
sensors to adjust the drum speed. This level of precise measuring keeps concrete inside
the drum, controls drum revolutions, prolongs drum life and helps prevents accidental
discharge when driving the truck uphill.

As well as the new load function, mix function and optional inclinometer, the SCT system
provides concrete producers additional functionality and features, including the following:

Greater fuel savings.
Longer drum life.
Better quality concrete.
Safer, more stable operations.
Safer controls
Programmable features
Full diagnostics
Can-bus technology
Optional joystick
Ergonomic wireless remote
Safety stop feature

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