New convenience items--a solid form of stabilizer and software for the liquid product--make stabilizer dosing more accurate and cost-effective. Pucks are sold in 51/2-gallon buckets containing 100 pucks, and each puck is equivalent to 16 fluid ounces of liquid stabilizer. For washwater applications, the manufacturer recommends using two to three pucks for overnight washwater stabilization (a maximum of 18 hours) and four to six pucks for weekend washwater stabilization (a maximum of 36 hours). The driver should add 35 to 70 gallons of water to a drum containing residual concrete, and follow data sheet instructions regarding necessary mixing to ensure coating of the entire drum interior. DOS-based software from Master Builders Inc. provides both accurate dosing and documentation. To implement the program, users need at least a 386 computer with a 31/2-inch disk drive and a minimum of 640K of RAM (520K free), 10 MB of hard drive space, a color or mono VGA monitor and a parallel printer port. The software creates custom reports documenting volume of all returned concrete in a given time period and shows, by cubic yardage, how much returned concrete was washed out, stabilized for same-day use, stabilized overnight and stabilized for long hauls. The software also aids in accurate dosing. It stores the mix design of the most recent order loaded into a given truck. Using a keypad, the driver returns with leftover concrete and enters the truck number and concrete temperature and net weight into the computer system. Using the plant's pre-entered production schedule, the software automatically computes the right dosage for same-day, overnight or long-haul stabilization. The batcher uses the stored data and dispenses stabilizer into the leftover or residual concrete, or a dispenser version that comes with an interface package does the actual dispensing. keywords: stabilizer, puck, software