If we told you that you can build a quarter mile archway using concrete blocks in less than 24 hours, and not use any adhesive, you probably wouldn't believe us. But this new technology from Lock Block Ltd allows for a custom-built truck to erect free-standing tunnels in the same way you zip up your jacket.
The zipper truck quickly assembles tunnels and archways by locking together pre-made concrete blocks that fit tightly together. Lock-Block has eliminated the need for mortar and slashes construction time by up to 90% with its innovative new arch-lock assembly.
Using this technique engineers can built highway and railway over/underpasses, tunnels, hurricane/tornado shelters, wine cellars, culverts, ditches, and creek crossings very fast. There's no need to wait for the typical 28 days of the curing process and a tunnel can be serviced immediately. Moreover, the pegs can be removed and re-used.

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