I recently decided to take on Uber to make extra cash for the holidays, and also because I thought it would be fun. One of my first rides led to meeting a gentleman who works for a large auto insurance provider and on our one-hour-long drive he mentioned working on a project that involved upgrading GPS systems to help track diver input and behavior.

I quickly responded, “you mean like telematics?’

He was surprised I knew the term; I guess he thought someone driving for Uber wouldn’t know what he was talking about. It led to a great conversation about the impact technology has on our future. I’m excited for what 2016 will mean for the concrete industry, and I hope you are too.

With only three weeks left until the New Year, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do to make 2016 the best year yet. A few things come to mind.

  • Plan to attend World of Concrete. It’s where you want to be to get your hands on all the new and exciting technology that will make a huge impact on your operations in 2016.
  • Hire a millennial (or more). There is good reason why we selected the Millennial generation as a 2015 TCP Influencer; they can lead you and your company to a productive future.
  • Invest in promoting concrete. The more we invest in our own industry, the better the outcome for everyone.
  • Tell me what you valued the most in 2015 and how it helped your operations.

Number four is just for fun. I’d like to know what made your 2015 good, and also, what you hope to leave behind in the New Year.