The CarbonCure technology injects CO2 gas sourced from local industrial polluters into wet concrete, where the gas becomes chemically converted into a solid mineral. Not only is the greenhouse gas permanently captured, the process also allows concrete producers to reach strength requirements using less cement.

By recycling CO2 in five of its Atlanta metropolitan plants, Thomas Concrete is expecting to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 5 million pounds every year.

“The decision to expand the CarbonCure technology across further plants was a no-brainer,” said John Cook, director of technical services at Thomas Concrete. “We verified at our Doraville plant that the technology allows us to optimize our cement content, which significantly reduces our carbon footprint.”

Thomas Concrete first installed CarbonCure’s carbon dioxide (CO2) recycling technology in its Doraville, Ga. plant in February 2016. Following the success at its pilot plant, the company decided to implement the technology across further locations.

Plants based in Buckhead, Suwanee, Gainesville and Cumming will now be equipped with the CO2 recycling machinery, which will allow Thomas Concrete to supply greener concrete to construction projects throughout the greater Atlanta region by the fall.

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