Producers interested in what's happening in the realm of high-performance concrete (HPC) will want to have a copy of the Fifth ACI/CANMET/IBRACON International Conference on High-Performance Concrete Structures & Materials CD-ROM. Edited by E.P. Figueiredo, T.C. Holland, V.M. Malhotra, and P. Helene, this ACI Special Publication contains 25 papers from the conference at Amazon State University, Brazil, in June 2008.

The Fifth Conference resulted from the collaboration of ACI and CANMET, along with São Paulo University, Federal University of Goiás, Amazon State University, and Brazilian Concrete Institute (IBRACON). Experts presented timely information on topics such as durability, self-compactability, curing, and retarders.

The 500-page document contains notable presentations, such as: Effect of Coarse Aggregate Shape and Texture on Self-Compactability, by J.M. Tobes, L. Anahí, G. Giaccio, and R. Zerbino; Influence of Curing Conditions on Transport Properties of Blended Cement Concrete, by V.L. Taus, Y.A. Villagrán, and A.A. Di Maio; Hardening Retarders for Massive Concrete by H. Justnes, F. Wuyts, and D. Van Gemert; Hybrid Techniques for RC Column Strengthening by A.L. Sudano and J.B. de Hanai, and A Practical Mix Design Method for Self-Compacting Concrete by B.F. Tutikian, D.C. Dal Molin, and R.A. Cremonini.

The document is available from ACI on its Web site at