The Women in Concrete Alliance (WICA)—a networking organization for women in the concrete industry—has announced the winner of its third Woman of Distinction award. Sheryl Meyers, operations manager with KutRite, has been awarded the prestigious Woman of Distinction award for her “can-do” spirit and never-ending desire to please the customer.

“Since beginning her career with KutRite in the summer of 2004, two words have summarized everything about Sheryl and those two words are world class,” says Rick Sollars, a partner in KRMC LLC, the owners and operators of KutRite. “Sheryl has been challenged with new product launches, product branding, and complete customer satisfaction. She has always exceeded what was expected of her.”

“I have had the privilege to work with Sheryl for several years now and one of the more impressive skills she has is the way she can communicate with the predominantly male industry,” says Bryon Bruington, technical sales director for KutRite. “Sometimes dealing with the customer in this industry can be tough, especially with the rapid schedules that have been placed on the contractors. Sheryl has the calming ability to talk the customer through the situation and yet have the fierce passion to protect herself and KutRite at any given time. I am really glad Sheryl is on my team.”

In her nine years with the KutRite, Meyers has held various potions and was elevated to operations manager in 2011. She is a key member of a team that transformed the company into a major player in the concrete polishing and scarifying market. To this day, Meyers remains the voice of KutRite when it comes to the scarifying line of equipment.

The Woman of Distinction award nominees were submitted to the organization during the fall. The winner was chosen by members of the Women in Concrete Alliance Board of Directors. Last year’s winner was Rosa Olivia Becerra, owner/president of Cortamex, a diamond blade supplier in Tijuana, Mexico. According to Kari Moosmann, co-founder of WICA, the award was created to celebrate women in the industry. “It was so encouraging to see how both men and women were sending in nominations for the award,” says Moosmann. “I believe this award will help reinforce that women are a valued resource in the concrete construction industry.” WICA co-founder Kimberly Kayler notes that Meyer’s “can-do” spirit truly signifies the soul of the Women in Concrete Alliance. “Sheryl Meyers embodies the true meaning of this award and WICA –working hard for the sake of the customer, while forging the way so other women can follow in her example,” says Kayler. The Woman of Distinction award gives us a chance to celebrate heroes such as Meyers.”

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