The World Cement Association (WCA) launched on Sept. 27 to represent and promote the cement industry worldwide, as well as support the commercial and legal interests of its members internationally.

WCA’s corporate members will be worldwide cement manufacturers and will have full voting rights at General Assemblies and will elect the board of directors. World Cement Association has associate memberships for cement equipment manufacturers, logistics, shipping and trading companies, suppliers and service providers to the cement industry. National and regional associations and other related industry bodies will be affiliated members.

The World Cement Association will give members access to its comprehensive cement industry statistical data service, and will host industry events, seminars and awards. It also aims to promote industry best practice at all levels, especially in emerging markets, with focus areas including sustainability, climate change, health & safety and promoting fair trade practices worldwide.

A WCA HR platform will be launched to advertise job opportunities and projects, and to make contact with experts on specific issues. WCA members will also benefit from international legal support and industrial mediation services, as well as advice on quality standards and compliance around the world.

Senior representatives of cement manufacturers will be eligible to join the WCA’s CEMENTFORCE online CEO forum, which will bring together industry leaders to undertake social welfare projects.

On Dec. 13 members and guests are due to convene at the Savoy in London for the World Cement Association General Assembly, followed by a gala dinner.