One benefit is putting management in touch with the business in real time so they can react promptly to any changes. Managers can access real-time information via the Web with a PC or handheld set on dozens of variables, from inventory to delivery schedules, to daily production of operations anywhere in the world.

Since it's a one-to-many hosting model and different applications have been integrated to the hosting service, it's easier and costs less (most of the time free) for customers to get an upgrade. This is particularly important for producers who have not been able to upgrade their mapping service because they were cut loose from their mapping service vendors by the “middleman” who bundled a third-party mapping service with their own dispatching program.

Web-based dispatching also makes data and information transfer much easier. It's easy for a salesman to enter his orders and watch the order fulfillment. With a platform that carries so many concrete dispatching accounts and various management applications, it will become a marketplace for outside contractors checking their order deliveries.

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